A Story Of Recovery - Sleeping Again

This is my story of recovery. This is my actual account of what happen to me for years of not sleeping.

I’d been sleep deprived for years when I finally found an amazing magic pill that actually worked. I could sleep!

I was beside myself. It’s something most people take for granted, but for me this was a blessing, a miracle.

I was blessed with sleep. I was bouncing off the walls so thrilled to feel good in the morning and feel alert and competent. It’s hard to go days and days without sleep. You essentially are moving about in a zombie like state although most people who don’t sleep aren’t really up for a day or working, thinking, being productive and even ambitious.

This was the hardest part of not sleeping for me. I am ambitious. I’ve always wanted to do a lot. I wanted to accomplish things so I feel like it was twice as bad for me.

However this is story about recovery. I wanted you to have a little background info on my pain and suffering and just what it meant to me to find something that worked. It actually helped me fall asleep natural. I didn’t feel drugged like some of the pharmaceutical pills I tried in my greatest bouts of sleeplessness. I was desperate so I tried it. It was awful. I felt like I was forced into an unnatural sleep. I woke feeling hung over.

With my new miracle of finding Nirvana Naturals I’m able to sleep through the night, deeply, wake up feeling refreshed, totally well rested and replenished. I didn’t have that awful hangover feeling I did after taking the prescription stuff. I did it for a few days, but never again. I didn’t like it and it didn’t work. I knew the ramifications were far too costly.

So I didn’t and I struggled until I found this amazing CBD pill that helped me fall asleep and wake up feeling rejuvenated and ready for my day.