Our Story

Our Story

So What's our story? 

It goes something like this. We are a family of predominantly women, 4 sisters and along with our mom have all suffered from various ailments - 

Rupi is a cancer survivor. 

Par suffers from anxiety. 

Mindie suffers from muscle spasms.

Sue struggles with insomnia. 

Our mom, Har has arthritis. 

We began using cbd - first Sue for insomnia to try and get a good night's rest.

Then Rupi, who is a fighter and made it through a battle with breast cancer lives with constant pain from extensive chemotherapy and radiation. 

When she started raving about how much better she felt after taking some cbd a friend had offered, we thought it would be a good idea to see if it could help our mom with her arthritis. 

And it did. 

It helped and she's back on her feet moving about and living life fully. She does not know how to sit, even at 75 years old, she is a busy body. 

Then our other two sisters got in on the comfort potion and gave cbd a try for anxiety and muscle spasms and they both felt pretty instant relief. 

We are not claiming cbd to be a cure all to anything, but sharing our personal story of how 4 sisters and a mother all were able to get great relief through the power of CBD. 

"Life is just better," for us all and this is where and how we came up with our Nirvana Naturals slogan. 

"Life If Just Better." 

It's a slogan we live by and we want you to get to know, love and feel this feeling of life being better, so much better with the help of our exceptional high-grade hemp extract. 

And it was after this we decided the obvious thing to do was launch our own line of high end CBD and hemp products because we so believe in the immense power of CBD to aid and heal. 

After working with many different people we came up with our Nirvana Naturals line personally tested by each and every one of us to ensure it would live up to our ideals of offering maximum comfort and relief for your aches and pains. 

We are dedicated to bringing you the very best and we are dedicated to making a huge impact along the way. 

As our company grows and thrives and continues helping others to find some relief and comfort in their daily ailments we are on a mission to give back to others. 

We want you to take comfort not only in our healing products, but in the fact that a portion of your purchase goes to helping other women and children in need. 

Nirvana Naturals came about as a vision to help people in pain, suffering from anxiety or just needing a way to relax. We believe in natural remedies aiding our ailments. And we know first hand as serial business owners and having suffered from ailments our self the benefits of CBD, CBG, CBN, THC, Hemp, etc…. We get it. We have family members who use it and have benefitted. We have suffered from insomnia and recovered. We have been diagnosed with cancer and have used in aiding recovery. We have family with neuropathy relying on CBD for help and healing. It works. We’ve seen it first hand.

And now from feedback of our very loyal customers who share about their enormous benefits and come back for more great brands and products we know. Trust us. We take great pride in the enormous benefits and power of all natural extracts like CBD, THC and Hemp.

We do this because we believe in it and we know firsthand the power it has to heal and recover. So like we say around here - “take a gummy or a pill and just chill.”

Please do let share any feedback you’d like with us. We love hearing from our customers. We love happy customers. And we love your loyalty and sincerely are grateful for this opportunity to serve you with exceptional award winning brands and products.

From our family to yours - Happy Chilling.

Nirvana Naturals brings you the highest quality CBD and Hemp products. We take pride in everything we deliver to our customers. We know exactly what goes into manufacturing to delivering exceptional naturals our clients love. We carry the most exceptional CBD that not only helps or benefit our clients, but a products they absolutely love. We pride ourselves on the highest quality seed to factory to our clients. We got you covered. Pop a gummy and just chill.