A Tale Of Three Sisters

Well there’s actually four, but let me tell you about us three. We’re let’s say business savvy, tech savvy, sales savvy go getters. And we want to do good by our customers - so I think it’s fitting to share a little background on each of us to help you understand how we came to launching Nirvana Naturals.

Here’s our story of creating one of the fastest growing and leading CBD co-ops in the world.

We have years of business experience under us in the capacity of accounting and admin, running other people’s business and blowing other people up. We have been involved in the dental industry and own and run a dental laboratory serving greater Northern California.

By putting our brains together we’ve become one of the leading dental labs in the area and we are a leader in the industry bringing exceptional aesthetics and quality to our products.

I’m a writer and former network journalist. I’ve been working at the family business for years pitching in various aspects so have learned an enormous amount about the inner workings of a business. My older sister formed the lab from the ground up and laid out every little bit of it. While older than her has been the face of the lab. A dynamic female with grit and rigor she will not take no for an answer. She is a phenomal sales woman and a phenomonal force who knows how to get brand awareness out.

I can do the tech thing with all my years of writing, industry news experience.

We come here together to bring you Nirvana Naturals because we know first hand the power of CBD - I have suffered from insomnia for twenty years and CBD is what got me finally getting a good nights rest. My older sister the saleswoman - was diagnosed with breast cancer and as fighter and go getter she has recovered powerfully. After extensive radiation and chemo she nows uses CBD to help with muscle and joint pain from the treatment. It’s working wonders for her.

Our mom an active lady in her seventh decade is a force to be reckoned with. She has suffered from arthritis and against doctors orders recovered by not taking the doctor’s advice. He told her she should stop walking but instead she ramped up her daily routine and sure enough she combatted the arthritis with her own grit and might to recover.

And recently she’s been suffering from grave pain in her feet, a neuropathy of sorts. And she is using CBD lotion, salve and muscle and joint relief and that pain is subsiding.

So with all of our business savvy, pains of life, ailments and tenacity we’ve decided to commit ourselves to bringing you very best and greatest brands out there. We believe in CBD and we are excited for you to be trying it and applying.

Here’s to your recovery, healing, relaxing and chilling.

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