How Much Tincture Should I Take?

How much tincture should you take?  

Well it really varies.  It depends on weight and what you are using it for.  

It is recommended to start small and then gauge it from there.  

We advise you be conservative in the beginning and then slowly feel things out.  As you allow your body to acclimate itself to the tincture you will begin to have a better sense of what is working for you or not.  

Also obviously the higher MG will be more potent and you want to start even smaller.  

We have recommended dosages on the back and advise you start there and then according to your own condition ramp up or down as necessary.  

We also advise you talk to your doctor before taking any CBD products at all.  

And as you know there is a lot of research and scientific data out there to support the benefits of CBD, but we still suggest you consult with a physician before taking any CBD.