Trust Us - We're From Northern California

Trust us. We’re from Northern California. So while Amsterdam takes the cake for the best in the world most say California takes the cake for the best in the states.

And some of the best in the world. So this is why we’d like to assure you of our expertise and know how. We’ve got the largest seed to factory industry in the states.

With a millions of pounds of marijuana being cultivated and highly regulated by the fda and then on to factory testing we do stand head and shoulders above the rest. We know what the step by step process entails from seed to factory. We won’t call it competition cause it’s not.

We dominate. So knowing that California produces mass amounts in the state more than any other state and for longer than any other state rest assured we are pros at cultivation and that inevitably breaks down in the form of the end product result.

The higher quality or the greater potency in cultivating the better quality cbd we are extracting from the plant.

And that in turn means one thing. We are bringing you the best most exceptional quality product.

Have a look at some of our testing standards and lab results for yourself. We’re not messing around. We love cbd for the medicinal benefits and we care to bring you the absolute best products with the highest standards of testing.