We're Binge Watching Cooked With Cannabis And Loving It

Yes that’s right. We are taking in the new Netflix series - Cooked With Cannabis. I Mean, well how could we not?

It’s a competition like no other.

Chef extra-ordinaires with a flair for cannabis whipping up divine dishes. With a splash of this and a little of that and don’t forget a dash of cannabis.

If you are a CBD Lover or any kind of cannabis lover than this show is for you. We know you are because that’s why you’re here in the first place.

You probably know we love, love, love the stuff and believe it from firsthand experiences of healing and recovery so we are advocates for weed and this great new series on Netflix.

It’s an absolute much watch for any one who likes a little great gummy or brownie to bring in that extra - AAAHHHHHH……..

A first of it’s kind now that this magic potion is finally legal.

Regulations are still tight in some place, but looser than they’ve ever been.

And now with the legalization of it and ever growing research showing the benefits of CBD and cannabinoids the industry is booming and taking off.

While we’re in holding pattern here during this pandemic and none of us can wait for it to be over - there are ways to chill and get through it. As we know cannabinoids are an optimal way.

So just sending a big shout out to all our members and making sure you catch it while it’s on!

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